President's Message
Assalum -u- Alikum
Dear Brothers and Sisters
The main objective of our association which was formed in 2001 was to promote and protect the heritage and cultural values of the Pakhtoons in Canada. To look after and support each other in this new home of ours and to make sure that our new generation understands and upholds these core values in the highest regard.

I have made a promise to myself to make sure that this dream is turned into a reality and that programs are set in place to achieve association�s self sustainability, progress and success.
This year the goals that I have set for myself and my team includes;

  • Streamlining the affairs of the association.
  • Accountability of the Board of Directors.
  • Audit of the accounts.
  • Launch of new website.
  • Membership � Campaign drive.
  • Organizing family events.
  • Youth projects � Culturally centered.
  • Involvement of Pakhtoon students in promotion of our message.
  • Utilizing our members and partners strengths in providing better and lesser expensive services to our association members.
  • Providing free services to new Pakhtoon immigrants and helping them in their settlement.

I humbly pray to Allah to grant me the wisdom and strength to achieve these goals. I also request for your prayers and support, for without you all this can never be possible.
Aap ka khadim
Nasir Khan
President, C.P.P.C.A. Canada
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