Canadian Pakistani Pakhtoon Community Association

​​CPPCA Performance:
First formal meeting of CPPCA was held at “Burnhamthorp Community Center” Mississauga, Ontario on Jan 07, 2005. The gathering was organized by Community members to elect first management (Executive council and Board of Directors) for the period of one year (2005).
Volunteers of CPPCA initiated its first campaign, when a community member was passed away by heart failure, during his driving test. His family was in deep shock and none of the family members was able to tackle the situation. CPPCA with the help and generosity of the community members arranged for the funeral. Dead body of the deceased was sent to the native land accompanied by all the family members.
The community was once again in shock when a young boy of age 21 was died in accident, while coming home with friends. The family was in grief and shock. CPPCA with the help of community members assisted the family to arranged for funeral and sending the body to his place of birth.
Eid Milan Party (Musical concert and Dinner) was organized for a large family gathering of the community to celebrate EID, at Pyle Banquet Hall, Mississauga, on Jan 29, 2006. It was a good entertainment and cultural event for families, enjoyed by everyone.
BBQ party was arranged on June 18, 2006 at conservation area park, Avenue Road Cambridge. It was a full day event and large number of families participated. New immigrants were introduced to experienced community members. Many old friends and their families met each other after a long time. Youngsters and children enjoyed outdoor games. It was a good opportunity to establish networking among the community members.
Small gatherings and sessions were arranged throughout the year to discuss and decide course of action on some important community issues.
Constitution was drafted and approved by General Body.
Membership of CPPCA was expanded to new areas and adequate fund was collected through effective membership campaign.
Beside annual summer BBQ parties and two Eid Milan parties with musical concerts, CPPCA organize small gatherings throughout the year. We provide opportunities to the community to get together socialize and discuss their matters and current issues. New immigrants seek guidance for their settlement and future opportunities. Our dedicated volunteers and all community members are always ready to guide them and help them out.
Recently on Aug 01, 2015 we organized huge BBQ party at Mississauga Ontario. Very large number of community members their families and youth participated and enjoyed a beautiful summer day and outdoor activities. We organized it with HEART “Human Emergency Aid and Rehabilitation Trust” to raise funds for charity. Ladies organized garage sale and girls arranged face paintings for fund raising which were very successful.
Another activity was cricket tournament for youth. It was at “Waterloo Park” Waterloo Ontario on August 03, 2015. Four cricket teams participated from Peel and Waterloo region. Large number of community members, families and youth participated and encouraged the players. BBQ and traditional food served and enjoyed by everyone.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Community Background in Canada

The Pakhtoon Community in Canada who immigrated from Pakistan mostly belongs to two provinces of Pakistan Khyber-Pakhtoonkhwa and Baluchistan. They are settled all over Canada, but in the recent past majority of the immigrant families opt to reside in Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Waterloo Region in Ontario, Montreal and Alberta.
Members of this community are educated, hardworking, peaceful and well-mannered with a very strong cultural and historical background. Children are intelligent and majority of youth are studying in universities. They want to integrate in to the Canadian society very quickly so that all their family members could become good Canadian citizens and contribute to the socioeconomic structure of this wonderful country. There is no acceptance for illicit in this community. Volunteering and helping each other is part of the culture and traditions of Pakhtoons

​Geography & History of Pakhtoons
​Geographically Pakhtoons inhabit in area of about 250,000 sq. mile between south Asia and central Asia. The population is about 50 million, occupies major portion of NWFP and part of Baluchistan in Pakistan and more than half of Afghanistan. This is the largest group of tribal people in the world. The history and interesting way of life attracted large number of scholars, historians, researchers and writers to search and write about the origin of these tribesmen. Pashtun, Pakhtun, Pakhtana, Pukhtana, Afghan and Pathan are different names ascribed to one group of people.
There may be no consensus on the origin of Pakhtoons but there is no dispute on the language pashtu or pukhtu they speak and code of ethics “Pukhtunwali”. The Pakhtoon society preserved its culture, ideology and identity by virtue of this unwritten laws spanning over more than four thousand years of Pakhtoons history. The basic principles of Pukhtunwali are hospitality, self-respect, freedom, justice, honor, compassion and forgiveness. Other pashtu words like (Nanawatay, Nang, Badal, Badraga, Jirga, Rogha and Hujra) referred to specific functions, keeping every person of Pakhtoon society with in the boundary of Pukhtoonwali.